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Fishing communities up and down the country have been affected by delays caused by more red-tape and form-filling since Brexit.

Jacob Rees-Mogg says the fish are “better and happier” now that they’re British but it seems that the government has not even considered the British communities who rely on them.

Fishing companies which were planning 'global expansion' just months ago now face total collapse. The Government must step up and acknowledge that the support it put in place after reaching a last-minute Brexit deal has not been sufficient.

"This, on top of the desperately poor deal on fisheries in the Trade and Cooperation Agreement, is not what you promised the fishing industry."

-Scottish Fisherman's Federation to Boris Johnson

We the undersigned call on the Government to urgently remove the barriers to trade that Brexit has placed between the fishing industry and the markets they depend on, and to compensate fishing communities for the economic damage it has caused in the meantime.

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