Democracy Unleashed

Campaigning to put power back in the hands of the people.



Advisers used to just advise, now Dominic Cummings openly admits to making life and death decisions and yet advisers aren't accountable to the people or Parliament.

This has to stop.

Sign the petition and tell the government that Dominic Cummings, and all senior advisers, should be accountable for the decisions they make!

About us

What we want

Our country is at a crossroads. The world has changed forever and there is no going back. We have some big decisions to make. Pandemics, climate change, inequality and injustice all need to be addressed and we need everyone to participate in these vital decisions.

We must challenge the ruling elite. We must hold them accountable through a newly revitalised democracy which gives everyone an equal voice and empowers local communities. To do this, we must unleash the power of democracy across our country.

What does this mean?  

• Less power in the hands of the ruling elite and more in the hands of the people  

• More opportunities to participate in democracy outside election time. 

• More accountability and scrutiny for decision-makers  

• A strong voice for everyone  

• Open, honest discussion