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Respect the Rule of Law

The last few years have been turbulent ones for the UK’s international reputation, but this might just be the final straw.

No matter which way you look at it, Ministers telling the world that they are prepared to break international law and abandon an agreement they wrote and signed less than a year ago is an appalling indictment of this government’s values and undermines our credibility as a nation.

Help us send the strongest possible signal to the government that we recognise the damage they are doing and are prepared to take a stand to stop them.

Your donations will help us to:

  • Raise the country's awareness of the damage this bill will do through a UK-wide online advertising campaign
  • Lobby members of the Lords as they debate the bill in a few weeks’ time
  • Help constituents to contact their MPs to support any changes the Lords have made to the bill when it is sent back to the Commons

As we brace ourselves for the impact of Brexit in January 2021 and find ourselves needing to negotiate trade deals with counterparts around the world, our international reputation matters more than ever.

Please chip in to our crowdfunder and help us to defeat the government and show respect for the rule of law!

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